Based on a true story

Clearly she was in disbelief as I pulled into the car wash today. I checked the weather one last time before making the commitment. No rain for the next 5 days. The filth was layered on my car like a homeless guy trying to stay warm in the winter. Because of this, I splurged for the $10 special. The cashier didn't crack a smile as he gave me an extra rinse before letting me loose in neutral. As I reached the end of the line the sun was shining so bright, I wondered if I was pulling into heaven. The towel guy waiting on my right was smiling a little too much for it being 48 degrees and windy. I awkwardly played with the radio until he was done. As I pulled out and looked to the left, the sky was rolling in dark and fast. I knew why he was smiling. From the looks of it, I had less than 2 minutes to make it home. There could be no mistakes. Literally closed the garage door and it started to pour rain. Nice try Mother Nature....if you need me, I'll be over here winning.