Proof that the left is always right.

For the past nine years merging at the end of Trooper Road in the morning has been a fiasco. And in recent times with the construction it has become more congested than your worst sinus infection, resulting in an all out game of war. The left lane opponents must merge into the right lane opponents space before coming up on the standard one lane ramp. In the division of opinion, I am a left laner all the way. Now right laners clearly get agitated by left laners thinking that they are just trying to jump the line. The left lane is always shorter because it's a risk. You have to be a confident driver to come up on the long line of rights knowing the merge is near. While oozing patience, the one thing that the right fail to acknowledge is that their line would be that much longer if all of the lefts were in it. There is always a right that will not let a left in on the sheer purpose of the amount of time they have wasted in the right lane. In particular, those rights are likely the people that also drink the coffee in the office to the last drop without starting the next pot. They cook fish and burn popcorn in the microwave spreading misery down aisles of cubicles. But today was a special day for the lefts.  A true historic moment in time that could go down in history sections of highway codebooks and driving manual's. Today on October 20, 2015 the right lane closed down forcing the rights to merge into the lefts space. The day has finally come proving the left is always right.