Behaving like adults

He was already at one of the tables on the train. I gave the courtesy "do you mind if I sit here" to which he responded "Please do". I took out my laptop and rested it on the edge of the table noticing there was less than the average amount of space available on the shared tiny table top. Surely he would move his laptop back a bit.  During log on, my screen was as straight as his face which refused to acknowledge that he was hogging the table with a 120 degree screen lean. I examined the next table, analyzing the lean on all of the screens and came to the conclusion that they were a table of respectful adults. All were at a comfortable 100 degree lean. True traveling champions working together, achieving nirvana in their tiny working space. I glanced back at my table mate. I notice he has really nice hair and I consider excusing him on that alone. I wonder what kind of shampoo he uses to get such body and shine, but quickly realize this is likely just one of his distraction tools for getting everything he wants. The introvert in me craves its own space and I can't forgive him. After a few miles of alternating between pretending not to notice and causally inching my laptop a total of one forth of an inch forward, he finally gets up and heads towards the next car. I watch him until I am confident that he is not coming right back then dip my head swiftly into the aisle to closer examine the distance between ourlaptop screens. With a squint of the eye, I alternate between team Nirvana and my table, eyeballing the total distance between all machines and come to the conclusion that my table mate was raised by wolves. As I lift my head back into in upright seated position,  the train rocks and I start to hear a tapping noise. I look all around and finally realize it's literally the back of his laptop screen tapping the back of mine over and over. I put my head back and close my eyes and practice breathing techniques. When I open my eyes he's back again putting his coat on. He bends down to pick up his laptop and says: "Ooo sorry about that".  I respond "No problem". And with that he's gone, and I recline my screen to 120 degrees for the rest of the ride.