I threw down on a Thursday at 7:30am, and I'll take you on too.

Traffic was very heavy this morning. Stopped at a light in a sea of red brake lights, I was 20 deep in the pack when I happened to notice movement one vehicle over. He was about my age, maybe a little older (wink), dressed in business casual attire, likely headed to the office. Clearly his jam was on the radio as he casually moved his shoulders to the beat. As with most favorite songs, there comes a point when you get lost in the music and tend to let go of reality. I witnessed that moment when he went from casual shoulder move into a heartfelt, what I remember to be "cabbage patch". As he was rounding it out, he glanced my way and in an embarrassed panic, quickly dropped his arms remembering he was in traffic. We stared at eachother for a moment.  Feeling inspired by Walk the Moon's "Shut Up and Dance With Me" , which was playing in my car, I gave him a left/right, left/right  "snake" in return. He looked surprised. Another moment passed. He began to work "the prep" entheustically and I started to "wop" in return. He gave me a "sprinkler" and I showed him "the shopping cart".  He followed up with a "fishing pole" and I threw out a "Night at the Roxbury". Then the person behind him laid on the horn indicating it was past the time that he should be keeping up with the now moving traffic and with the same surprised look he had at the start of our dance off, he snapped back into commute mode and drove off.