Killed with kindness

Another long early morning commute through mist and fog. In my rearview I catch headlights coming up quickly behind me. As they get closer, I can see that it's a black Esclade, which commonly could be an under cover officer in the area. Because of this, I move over into the right lane. The headlights follow me to the right a few cars back in an effort to what appears to be to keep up with moving traffic. Suddenly they break left in a gap and are coming up quickly on my drivers side. For the record, I am one to enjoy a good horror movie from the comfort of my living room sofa. However after watching so many, I've become a little paranoid over the years that a murderer could be right behind me. The car pulls up next to me on the left-hand side and I refuse to look over. We are driving parallel at this point. Instead of keeping the pace, I hit the gas a little and quickly inch ahead. This back and forth happens for miles. Clearly this is a killer as what sane person travels such a horrible commute in the same direction and wants to desperately "catch up" about it. I break left and right only to be pursued persistently.  I continue to keep the advantage almost all the way into the office. Then it happens. Unable to avoid it any longer the car pulls up next to me at a red light. I glance over slowly as I see what appears to be a hand holding a butcher knife making a stabbing motion. Turns out it's one of the Vice Presidents that I used to support just trying to say hello. He's smiling and waving and he signals me to roll down my window. Then he proceeds to thank me for letting him into traffic a few miles back. I say sure, I thought that was you! The light turns green and we pull away.