I refuse to play your grocery store aisle mind games.

Personally I love Ashton Kutcher. Who doesn't? Don't bother answering that.  We all do. He is awesome at punking people, was hip in that 70s show and "Just Married" always makes me laugh out loud. Not sure what happened with him and Demi but overall he and Mila Kunis likely made one of the cutest babies ever. (My child is still my favorite) I could pretty much watch "Dude, Where's My Car" on a Rick Roll - Sweet! What I don't want to do is live out the scene at the Chinese foooooood takeout drive-through, but we don't always get what we want.

Today at Wegmans, went something like this. I am standing in the spice aisle and someone asks me if I need help. I look up and against my better judgement I initiate the following conversation with the 20 something, who looks like a regular hot pocket gourmet offering help:

Me: Thanks, I am ok as I look at my list.

Her: Are you sure?  

Me: What asile is your granulated bouillon in?

Her: What was that?      

Me: (a little louder) Granulated Bouillon?

Her: Ballooons?        

Me: No Boui-llon - like cubes for making soup

Her: Ba, Ba, Ba ........  

Me: No, Bou, Bou, Bou.......          

Her: Ba.....      

Me: No Ba, Ba, Ba. Think Bull +Yon

Her: Bull-Yon? Bull-Yon!

Me: YES! That's it! Where is it???   

Her: Hey Mark - Where is the Bull-Yon.....  

Me: .........(insert me internally screaming here)

"Eye Roll" aka Mark: It's two asiles over  

Me: Shibby! 

And with that I was off to get the Continuum Transfunctioner, better known as granulated bouillon.  


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