Today was a good day

I pulled into pump 11 at the same time he pulled in to pump 10 this morning. Our eyes locked and for a brief moment and we both knew that the rest of the day would ride on the outcome of our random meeting. We both exited our cars swiftly and swiped our credit cards as fast as we could punching in our secret codes. Like the wild wild West we drew our weapons for battle. Fuel begin flowing as Whitney Houston blared in the background. The pumps clicked off  at the same exact time. He had the advantage pumping his gas on the left side. I had the advantage of being slightly closer to the exit. Engines roared like hungry lions. On the outside I may just look like your average 9 to 5er but in my mind, I am Ice Cube. I cut him off and didn't look back. I have to say, today was a good day.