Brief Interactions

Sitting at a light next to the most miserable woman I have ever seen. Her eyes are in a tight squint in an unbreakable stare straight ahead . Her lips positioned in a professional frown. Just breathing seems to irritate her. Her hair is pulled back into in a bun which is likely the easiest hairstyle to perform to quickly get back to hating everything. She wore tiny roses all over her shirt which I imagine was a challenge to anyone daring enough to say it was pretty. Her hands strangle the wheel even as the car rests in line. I sit in awe taking it all in. On my worst day I couldn't achieve this level of melancholy. This is a true professional. An unborn actress ready to star on the big screen.  Someone with a real hard times story, not like those fake stories that people try to have you believe. At this point, I've been staring too long. She slowly turns her head and looks right at me. The world stopped for those few seconds. Then she smiles. 

Just when you think you know someone.