Buzz off


I've been hunting this fly in my house for 2 days. One would think it would have just died after day 1. No, not this beast. Below is a summary of two of our interactions resulting in contact:

It buzzed me and I literally punched it in the face. It kept going. I think it laughed.

It flew directly at me at 100mph and I swatted it as hard as I could with a magazine (Better Homes and Gardens, October 2014). It landed on the window and cleaned it's legs as if playing the worlds smallest violin at me. 

There was a deafining silence this morning as I approached the blind covering the kitchen window. There, in a relaxed state clung the fly, taking in the view of the yard. It sensed my presence and our eyes met. It turned towards me preparing for battle, then took a new approach by buzzing violently (terrifying) throwing itself against the window similar to the criminals on Cops that truly believe that their forehead can break through the glass of the vehicle of which they are restrained. I rolled up BHG and pretty much blacked out.

Time of death: 6:45am EST. Location: Between cabinet and kitchen window. 

Literally one of my most proud moments. 

Then, I heard more buzzing.