Just saw a squirrel scamper into traffic ahead of me. He broke left then he broke right then left again in a state of confusion as cars continued on in steady traffic. His tail was twitching like a driver with the most severe case of road rage I have ever seen. His eyes were wide and tired as if he had been up all night trying to figure out what the hell is going on with true detective this season. Finally he made a decision on commuting left and came within little brown squirrel hair of being run over by a Ford F150's front passenger side tire.  Homeboy then rolled himself into a tight ball and hit a high point at the beginning of someone's lawn launching himself into the air like a speed ball and was gone.

I can only imagine the story he will tell his squirrel friends and family when he gets home today. Action, adventure and drama!

Meanwhile I am telling you about the story of this squirrel.