We met

Pulled up next to my arch nemesis at a stop light this morning.  We had the same car (color make and model). My blonde hair straight and her blond hair up in a ponytail covered by a baseball hat. I was business casual while she was dressed in running gear. In my mind, I was creating a list of everything that I didn't get to yesterday and all of the things that I had to do today. She was bobbing her head to music. I was reaching into my bag in a panic that I forgot my heels during the morning rush out the door. She was casually sipping what I imagine was a homemade smoothie. We were neck and neck for a while, equal early birds on a mission to get to our destinations. I was giving her the benefit of the doubt thinking maybe she was working at an athletic store and was on the early shift. Then she got off at the Valley Forge National Park exit as I continued on 30 more miles to my destination. As I drove I wondered what it was like to have the time to go on a leisurely Tuesday morning run. Half of me hoped that she had a really great day. Life is short, carpe diem! The other half of me hoped that she got run down by a deer.