Recipe for putrid breath

If you are interested in horrible breath, I highly recommend consuming an individual serving size bag of sour cream and onion SunChips. Clearly they must be made with dustings of rotting squirrel toe nails and river fish lips. Be sure you are fully committed to questioning your existence while frantically checking the expiration date on the bag to ensure you weren't poisoned. Perfect if you prefer commuting with the windows down as to not intoxicate yourself with the horrifying stench that a $1.49 investment can provide. Want that afternoon meeting to end early? Sour cream and onion SunChips. Want your child to go to school without any argument? Sour cream and onion SunChips. Someone over staying their welcome? Sour cream and onion SunChips. Tired of your pets clinging to you? Sour cream and onion SunChips. The possibilities are really endless's if you can survive being engulfed in a rancid cloud that may potentially make your eyebrows fall off. In conclusion, my recommendation to Frito -Lay is to change their name to Frito-Slay on this particular product.