A short horror story. By:Me

I like horror movies. I always have. There is something about getting your heart racing with anticipation with the feeling that something is going to happen....any....moment...now. I've watched a lot of horror movies and therefore I have always felt very well prepared if I was to find myself in a challenging situation. Cliches like: never go alone, don't assume the situation is  over too early and never call for help until you are sure it's clear to do so - have left me shaking my head at movie characters for years. Today, I watched yet another horror scene unfold.  I was alone reading....ok, I was really pinning a bunch of crap that I will never get around to doing. Don't worry about that part. It was a fantastic 4 minutes until I heard the following terrifying phrase from my 3 year old son who is potty training: "Don't come in here Mommy!" And with that the bathroom door slammed shut. The toilet lid slammed up and there was a third slam which reassured me that the seat was lifted as well. Ok I thought, maybe he can do this alone? (He was alone) Silence. More silence. Too much silence. Hello? I called. "Nothing, I fine" was the response and with that the toilet flushed followed by a high pitch "Ooooo". (Clearly he assumed the situtation was over too early). Silence. More silence. Too much silence. Hello? I called. "Ok, you can come in but don't be mad" was the response. (I knew the area was not clear) Waking into the crime scene was like entering the set of "The Shinning" as my son smiled from his hiding spot behind the shower curtain. Clearly he's a little "Hellraiser" but unfortunately he didn't have an "Eraserhead" to get him out of this one. Only he and the toilet "Ring" were all knowing of his "Insidious" act prior to calling me to "Let Right One In" to clean up. I am sure he would have liked me to believe it was "Aliens" or "The Fly" or "The Birds" that did it. But I knew "The Thing" that really did it. As I acted like "The Exorcist" cleaning various puddles, I wondered if " 28 Days Later" I would even remember this event. All the while, I just shook my head....at the very least he may have a future in horror films.