This guy.

It's the week after the week after Christmas. Everyone has that same look of denial on their face. The "this is not my life" look as they're commuting to work. The plus side of getting back to reality: for the waistline the availability of the holiday cheese plate is non existent.  It doubles as the downside too because I love a good cheese plate.

Today I closely encountered someone in complete denial. The feeling I experienced may be exactly how the animals in a contained safari feel when humans are driving through their habitat. As I exit my vehicle and start walking through the parking garage at 30th street train station I see headlights heading up the down ramp I just parked on. As everyone is aware, parking garages are made of up ramps and down ramps. It's easy to get turned around, however a few clues are the "do NOT enter" signs, the continuous arrows painted on the ground in bright yellow signaling appropriate direction and the general angle of the head first pulled in parked cars. I step aside waving "no" point up the ramp as the car drives slowly past me up the down ramp. I get to the top and he pulled into a space realizing that he's encountered a do not enter sign. He then backs up, and instead of going down, he proceeded around the corner again in the wrong direction. 

By observing people, you can learn a lot. Here is a list of the top 5 hobbies of the stranger I observed in the garage. 

Hobby 1: Taking no passengers. Driving is in his list of 99 problems but.....

Hobby 2: Practicing Amish Shunning successfully by refusing to acknowledge others hand gestures that he's going the wrong way.  

Hobby 3: Not being a morning person. May not be an afternoon person either. 

Hobby 4: Living his life to the Merv Griffin "Jeopardy Theme Song". Category: Who is doing it wrong. Answer: Who is this guy.

Hobby 5:  Giving zero F's. This man gives zero. Mentality: His way or the highway - literally.

 And from there we parted ways.