Inspiring the community.

It's been a little over a whole week since we got our last major snowstorm. To describe it in a category, I would place it under shit storm. A huge dump of snow that was once piled so high that it cant help to over stay its welcome. Pushed to the sides of the road and traveled  through, it's gone from a blanket of white to piles of filth that cling to your car making it look like you've driven through a war zone. After weather like this l, as I drive along I like to play a little game called: How dirty can my windshield get before I clean it with the wiper fluid.  Partialy because I never know how much fluid I have left, and akso because I don't want to believe Monday is on the other side of the windshield. I made it through the entire day and was on the commute home when I noticed that I had to stop for gas. This was a great opportunity to let the windshield get as dirty as possible with an end goal of reaching the squeegie trophy at the station. As I pulled in I lined up at the first pump. There was a car to the right of me with a man pumping gas. I went about my business and reached for the squeegee to clean my windows. A smile of pride crossed my face that I made it that far. The guy next to me noticed that I was cleaning my windows and was inspired to do the same. As I placed the squeegee back into the liquid I noticed that he was not only cleaning the windows of the car but was also using the squeegee in an effort to bathe the car in total. Feverishly he robbed the squeegee back-and-forth on the driver side panel of the car. Unfortunately,  the caked on salt turned into a muddy mess on the side of the car. I stood there staring in disbelief. I couldn't help myself. IT was hard to process what was happening. It was awesome. And awful. He stood staring at it for a moment, confused that his plan for a free car wash was spoiled. He went for the tires.  Muddy water smeared and dripped down the once white coated now brown rims. I let out a quick gasp and he turned and looked at me. I moved only my eyes to the left as i stood paralyzed trying to look natural. Then I took three side steps behind my pump, to my car and drove off. In the rearview I saw him toss the squeegie back in the bucket, defeated.