It's a bird, it's a's the train walk of shame....

Riding the train is great when you are traveling a decent distance for work. The train is quick, always on time and has free wifi so you can work and remain productive on the commute. The air conditioning works well, the cafe cart is edible and there is plently of room in the overhead luggage bin (Which I refuse to use). While all of these are positives, nothing out weighs watching people try to casually walk down the runway of a train going full speed down the tracks. 

Here are my favs:

Lady who sways and pushes hard on the back of a passangers headrest almost fully reclining the seat before letting go and having it spring back up. Passangers not amused offering scouls in return.

Guy who is doing the shuffle down the asile, terrified to actually raise a foot off the ground (feet scraping carpet so hard almost causing fire trail).

Guy who has death grip on railing with extremely concerned look that no seats are ahead in sight. Looking back he see's no seats there either.

Lady whose legs have taken over and she is going too fast down the asile to stop herself. If you can catch a glimpse, she has a look of sheer panic.

Guy who walks like a wild wild west cartoon character....taking wide steps to brace himself on the seat sides.

Guy with a huge gym bag, green juice, breakfast burrito and hashbrown in his hands only able to rely on his legs....and it appears to have been leg day at the gym. 

Lady looking straight eye contact...likely trying not to vomit.  

While each have brought a small bit of joy to my morning commute....nothing is better then watching people on the 6:00pm trying to walk after having a glass of Amtrak's finest Woodbridge wine.  

As Rupaul would say: You better work!